Social Media Cleanse

August 23, 2016

Today marks one week of going against the grain and quitting my social media. I did this, not from a selfish standpoint (although it kind of started that way), but as a way to stop living with my face in my phone. I felt like I needed to constantly keep up with what was going on and I was in a fight with my boyfriend and just needed a break from the world, so instead of pushing him out I pushed the social media world out.



Day 1 - Withdrawal

I almost gave up after day one, simply because I wanted to know what was going on. I found myself looking for the apps or casually typing in face… before realizing it. I wanted to post a video or two I had stumbled upon and it was just an overall sucky day. 

Day 2 - I can do anything 

I woke up feeling like HELL YAH, I don’t need social media to live a thriving life. I can text people and see what they are up to. And, today my boyfriend finally noticed I had disappeared which led to a good ole conversation about ignoring people. (we totally worked things out y'all, it’s fine. just keeping it real) I didn’t even try and look for my apps and honestly was so busy I didn’t notice. so cheers, babes, because I’m a strong and independent woman who don’t need no social media in her life. mhm. 

Day 3 - Others start to notice

Are you there Addy? it’s literally everyone. Everyone and their dogs started texting me, asking if I had died or if I was okay. I feel honored that you care, but I’m just trying to enjoy a pedicure with my mom over here. Leave me be, please. I honestly came to the conclusion on this day that I needed this so I could focus solely on school. I also decided that I will not resume the use of Facebook or Instagram or Pinterest until my online class is finished! amen.

Day 4 - Withdrawal part 2

YO. This is not easy. They might tell you in all those other “cleanses” posts that this is a refreshing thing to do - but its a LIE. Don’t believe a word they say. Honestly I miss social media because the world NEEDS the videos and photos of cute dogs and people singing I find in their lives. I miss posting about the little things or cute photos of me and my boyfriend. Because we are definitely adorable and the world needs to see that as well. WITHDRAWAL IS HORRIBLE.

Day 5 - Inner peace

namaste babes. I am here to tell you that yesterday was sucky and today is bliss. I literally just had so much video and entertainment type of things thrown at me that all I wanted to do was post about it. While honestly that just shows how self centered our culture is, it also shows how much I love to blog and post things. Even when we don’t think we are doing anything of the sort. I really feel good that I’m not constantly clicking those apps and stalking a million people a day. BECAUSE WE ALL NOW THAT’S WHAT INSTAGRAM IS FOR. 

Day 6 - Snap the chat

I forgot to mention that I kept snapchat this week and it was probably the best decision ever because people made me laugh and I had to have at least ONE outlet to show people “pant-less Saturdays” - where dudes walk around in their underpants, drink, and play beer pong. It happened. the end.

Day 7 - Started from the bottom now we here

one week down, hopefully just another week to go. 


thanks to the OG Bae, Shia, for giving me the courage to continue. 



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