Haters Gonna Hate

September 17, 2016

The title has nothing to do with what I will be talking about today, but I just want to let all the haters out there know that I will not stop blogging. It’s an outlet for my creativity. So lets get to the juicy stuff! 


1. The Fuk Boy

This is the guy that you meet at a bar or party and although everyone warns you of his player status, you ignore it. A few months later, you will be ghosted and then you’ll sit there thinking “I should have listened” - ladies. never ever settle for this. If you meet a guy and people say he’s a player or a fuk boy, RUN. (towards your friends and wine).  

2. The Frat Star

This is one that’s close to my heart, because I do love my frat boys - but there’s another league of them that are called the frat stars. These are the boys that are basically in love and in a serious relationship with their fraternities. Now, while this isn’t always a bad thing, it can mean that a girl will be tossed aside if it interferes with their frat life. You can tell these boys apart, usually by them wearing a golf shirt and Ralph Lauren or vineyard vines shorts. Paired with tall socks with shoes or their Sperry’s. - Ladies these boys will only break your heart, wait for them to grow up before latching on too hard. They will eventually grow out of this stage and return to their normal state. It’s really just a waiting game. my warning for this kind of relationship: “date at your own risk”

3. The “PERFECT” guy

This is the guy who chases after you, falls at your feet, and treats you like a princess. This is the guy that you date who you know is WAY out of your league but you’re so happy about it that you could almost giggle each time he speaks sweet words to you. I love these guys, but they will break your heart. If they don’t end up being “the one,” the breakup will be SO painful. It will take a lot of time to move on, but in the end this is the guy you’ll always remember as the one that got away. These type of guys could wear trash bags for clothing and still make you swoon. - ladies, date this guy. this guy is the date guy. just date him. do it. doooo it. 

4. The one you break up with

This is the guy that you date, but then drop. He might have thought you were the one for him, but you saw otherwise and put on your big girl pants and dumped him. These are the guys that have never had their hearts broken, and somehow serendipity played its roll and you got the chance to dump him and break him. This honestly is probably a hard break up for both sides, but in the end it’s usually the one you will grow the most from! - Ladies, be gentle with this relationship - boys are actually really fragile. believe me, I have an older brother.

5. The one you marry

This is the best relationship ever. This is the guy that might have been one of the fore mentioned guys at one point but finally has found YOU, and probably grew up a little bit! He will fight for the relationship, he will move mountains for you, and he will smile while doing it. This guy is someone who you will feel so connected to it will be like you know them better than they know themselves. It’s crazy to think that this guy is out there, but homegirl. he is. So, if you can make it through those other horrible guys and relationships - you’re BOUND to meet mr.right. Just please don’t settle for Mr.RightNow

Personally, my one true love is pizza. Who’s with me?

Thank you guys so much for supporting this blog and my sass. I love you to the stars and back! 


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December 09, 2016

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