August 22, 2015

We're back again with more from our in-studio shoot with blogger, Angelique Cooper.  Something that we really think is important when buying a piece is it's versatility: can it be worn multiple ways?  can it be worn in different seasons? etc.  With that being said, we really took the time to find the best pieces for you babes as we (slowly, in LA) transition into fall.  

With the help of Angelique, we have once again put together some amazing outfits that show you just how versatile the pieces from the new Olive Collection can be.  We want styling to be fun and easy for you guys, which is exactly why us three teamed up, that way you already have the inspiration, just add a couple of pieces to your closet and boom!, styled looks.  We were able to make 12 outfits with only five pieces from the new collection.

The pieces that we wanted to highlight out of the Olive Collection are below with the ways that they can be worn: 

1. CADET FLARE MINI, $36: great alone as a dress, belted or tied with a blouse/belt around the waist, even tucked into shorts while it's still nice out!


2. BOYFRIEND KNIT, $35: super light, which we love, can be worn as a dress if you get a bigger size, great with leathers/leggings since it's a longer sweater, and with shorts!


3. ERICA BLOUSE, $46: great blouse for business or pleasure (haha), can be worn around the waist for a different look than a chambray or flannel, worn open, worn completely buttoned, worn tied 


4. DARK KNIGHT TOP, $36: this top is great because of it's ability to be pretty dressy or just casual. Wear it with a pair of gathers or tucked into a skirt this fall for a dressy look or keep with causal with a pair of denim shorts and a blouse around the waist!


5. FEELING BUTTERFLIES CROP, $26: great piece for summer, spring, & fall.  You can definitely wear this piece, since it's a tank top crop, under all of your cardis with a pair of jean shorts, great with boyfriend jeans, and of course high-waist shorts. Good price as well!


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To get more on Angelique Cooper, follow her blog at  Be sure to catch her on all social media platforms using @angeliquecooper.

Love ya babes & happy styling,


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