August 13, 2015

Last week, we had the joy of having our very first "In the Effin Studio" session with blogger and friend Angelique Cooper (@angeliquecooper).  The 21 year old blogger began her blog less than six months ago and it has already grown a large following.  "I didn't know much about blogging when I started...I wanted to create something organic and that felt like a representation of myself."  It's hard to miss this babe's beautiful smile; her happiness is contagious. 

Angelique is all about bringing fashionable finds without the cost, which obviously, who doesn't love that?   Great buys was definitely the theme of our in-studio shoot with her as we approach her favorite season, Fall.  

Our whole goal was to show you guys how great it is to have pieces in your closet that are versatile.  So, we teamed up with Angelique and found a ton of different ways to wear just five pieces from our new collection.  Point being, you gain 8+ amazing outfits to add to your growing closet as we head into fall, and all for under $150.

"I am literally in love with all of Effin's Intro to Fall collection, so adorable." But, what are Angelique's favs? The Joey Tank, The Kris Blouse (coming on Tuesday) & the Aspen Kimono.

The five pieces we chose to feature when we shot with Angelique are below with the different ways they can be worn:

  1. Aspen Kimono, $38: perfection as a standard kimono, a scarf, as well as around the waist

  2. Uncle Blouse, $37: worn as a business blouse fully buttoned, tied at the bottom, worn around the waist, or worn completely open

  3. Mckenna Mini, $35: great as a usual mini, adorable with tights as it cools down. can even be tucked in

  4. Joey Tank, $28: low cut tank (great with or without a bralette), long enough to be worn with leggings in the fall/winter

  5. Crisp White Basic Tee, $34: clean white basic but a sheer, guaze like back, great basic to be dressed up or down

In total, all five pieces would be $172, but using Angelique's discount (just type ANGELIQUE at checkout for 15% off) you can get all five pieces for $146!  That's at least 10 outfits, great deal if you ask us...just in case you have a case of the Thursdays and don't want to do math (who does?) that's less than $15 an outfit!

Be sure to follow Angelique on Instagram & Snapchat (@angeliquecooper) and of course be sure to subscribe to her blog for the best buys for trending styles  

Happy smart shopping!




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