April 26, 2016

We all have that dreaded moment when we realize that certain things MUST GO.

We look through our closets, phones, and even our friends and discover that either:

  1. We deserve better.

  2. That is SO last season and needs to go


  3. That shit is cray, and we don’t need it messing up our good vibes

Here are some tips, to spring clean the shit out of your life –without chipping a nail.


  1. The zebra print. If you have this, it has GOT to go. 

  2. If you have gym shoes that are over 2 years old, you’re doing your body a disservice and that shit needs to go. If you can afford it, treat yo-self and get some YEEZY’S. 

  3. If you can’t decide on what things to keep and what to donate or trash, here’s my tip.  Anything that you wear from your closet hang the opposite way, when you put it back. That way you see which pieces you never touch, and it will help you decide what to donate – it works miracles, y’all.  

BONUS: if you have a shirt from an ex-boyfriend, have a burn party and listen to Taylor Swift as you watch those memories burn. (YOLO)


  1. ALL FUCK BOYS MUST GO. If you have any names in your phone like this: drunk mike, fuck boy Matthew, cutie patootie Dalton, hot boy, man bun, etc.  Those are boys you’re never bringing home to momma. They must go! Sorry fellas! If you have girls in your phone that are poison to your flawlessness, they should also go.

  2. Delete any photos that are not worth keeping! You know what I’m talking about…  the ugly photos that you hope never see the light of day. We all know we need more space for cute photos of pizza, puppies, and your besties! 


  3. The apps! This is serious. If you have never heard of these apps, you need to discover them. They have changed my life and that’s saying something. 

    1. VSCO – BEST photo editing app, ever. No contest. 

    2. Period Diary – helps keep things on track, it’s glorious. 

    3. 8tracks – best music service that is free and fun! 



BONUS: it’s time for a new cell phone case, so get out there and find some! Let me know if you find any that are drool worthy! 


    1. If you have friends that judge you or try to slut-shame you, they need to go. They are just going to drag you down and make you feel bad for being you! 

    2. If you have a friend that is amazing and you feel like you haven’t been there for them recently, get in your car or a plane and go see them. Life is too short to lose the ones that count!

    3. If you have any bottles of wine in your cabinets, call your girls and drink it all. BUT here’s the catch. It has to be a closet swap party. Bring some of those clothes that are hanging in your beautiful closet that you never wear, and have your girls do the same. Now you get to exchange clothes and your currency is your wardrobe! You get to refresh your closet FO’ FREE.

From one homegirl to the next, I just want all my fierce women out there to be happy and healthy. If you have people, clothes, or even contacts in your life that need to go – let them. If you let them go and they come back, you know it’ll be worth the fight to keep them. 

Happy spring cleaning Babes! 



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